Special Topic

Special Topic on Defects in Semiconductors to be published in Journal of Applied Physics

The ICDS Committee and the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Applied Physics are pleased to announce that Journal of Applied Physics will feature a Special Topic on Defects in Semiconductors. This collection of articles aims to deliver state-of-the-art findings and understanding of fundamentals of defects in semiconductors. The Guest Editors for this Special Topic are Anderson Janotti (University of Delaware) and Matthew D. McCluskey (Washington State University).

The Journal of Applied Physics Special Topic collection on Defects in Semiconductors welcomes submissions from both the ICDS and the broader community of researchers working in the field. Please note that manuscripts considered for publication as Articles in Journal of Applied Physics are expected to meet Journal of Applied Physics’ standards of acceptance, i.e. to report on original and timely results that significantly advance understanding in the current status of contemporary applied physics: material that is exclusively review in nature will not be considered for publication. Manuscripts submitted for consideration in this Special Topic must meet the same criteria and will undergo Journal of Applied Physics’ standard peer-review processJournal of Applied Physics’ Editors’ Team will issue final decisions on the submitted manuscripts.

A call for papers to the broad community of defects in semiconductors will be issued in May, 2019 and will be posted also on this website. Submissions will be open on Journal of Applied Physics online submission site in June, 2019. Deadline for submission will be October 31st, 2019. Accepted manuscripts received within the deadline will be published as ready in Journal of Applied Physics and promoted together as a collection. Further updates will be posted on the ICDS website as they will be available.

We look forward to receiving submissions for the Special Topic from the ICDS community!

The Guest Editors,

Matthew D. McCluskey and Anderson Janotti