Exciting Bedtime Games for Managing Baby’s Sleep Regression

Sometimes babies can have a lot of pent-up energy before they need to sleep. Sleep experts suggest that babies and toddlers can engage in a few rowdy activities followed up by something peaceful and calmer.

Instances of sleep regression can be challenging to deal with, but it is a good idea to have a fixed bedtime routine to get a baby ready for bed. Parents can use these games and activities to help their baby settle into a sleeping routine.

Computer Games and Songs

Get the evening off to a good start by playing and dancing around to the rhythm of a computer game or favorite song. This is a great way to get rid of a child’s excess energy or fussiness. Download engaging computer games that are designed to stimulate a baby or toddler. These games normally feature exciting, animated characters or animals.

Games in The Bath

The warm water in the tub will help to soothe and relax the baby before bedtime. Get some ducks or boats and play with them in the water. When they feel warm, dry, and clean, they are more likely to nod off in bed. However, babies don’t need to bathe more than 3 times a week, as they are not very mobile at first; bathing them too much may dry out their skin.

Dress and Story Time

Slowly dress the baby in warm and comfortable clothing. Make sure to tone down on activities at this stage. Quietly read a story to the baby from a book, smartphone, or iPad, until they fall asleep.

Sleep experts suggest that mothers should do their best to stick to their child’s bedtime routine. Sleep problems are common among growing and developing children, but a fixed bedtime routine that includes fun computer games and activities followed by a bedtime story will help them to settle in.